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Who We Are

We are a group of dreamers, architects, engineers and climate activists who have come together to make sustainable urban development a reality

Our Story

The idea of Urban Tribals started when I came across a group of very successful and highly educated families from Mumbai relocating to a rural setting and planning to indulge in organic farming. They had decided to give up their apartments and houses alongwith furniture and other items like TV, refrigerator, microwave ovens, etc in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

I was highly inspired and motivated, somehow moving to a rural setting did not appeal to me. I started seeking ways to pursue a lifestyle in an urban setting with a view to reduce carbon footprint. We were already composting wet waste and a solar water at our home. Then we decided to install solar panels, took steps to conserve more water, recently decided to sell off our two cars, etc, etc.

Was it enough? Can we do more?


This is the thought process behind Urban Tribals, to provide opportunities to citizens who would like to contribute towards climate change in an urban setting where buildings and dwellings will not use concrete, will make use of locally sourced materials using both indigenous & modern low carbon techniques of construction. All energy needs will be sourced through renewables, best practices in waste management and water recycling, shops & other amenities located at walking, cycling distance.

Urban Tribals is about creating compact and inclusive urban clusters, like oases in concrete deserts. Everyone is invited to be part of this movement.


Atul Ajmani

Founder - Urban Tribals


Our Mission

  • Undertake green field housing & integrated township projects based on our manifesto.

  • Influence the urban infrastructure development through consultancy projects to achieve net zero targets.

  • Seek partnership, and affiliations with research institutes, NGO's, municipalities, to promote the creation of sustainable urban clusters across the globe.

  • Collaborate / partner with other for-profit companies dealing in low carbon construction material, techniques, and urban systems.

  • Encourage OEMs promoting circular economy for fittings, furniture & household material.

  • Encourage and provide opportunities to architects and agencies involved in design and construction of low carbon buildings.




Greenfield Projects

We undertake greenfield projects from conception, surveys, design, planning and construction including urban layout and land use.



We offer consulting services through our panel of experts, partners and advisors for urban clusters and integrated township projects.


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