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Focus Areas

Partnering with the best urban designers and architects to bring to you sustainable communities, powered by clean energy!


Low Carbon Dwellings With Locally Sourced Material

  • Using concrete substitutes and alternatives with low carbon footprint

  • Sourcing building materials from 50 km radius

  • Leveraging indigenous construction techniques

Totally Powered By Renewable Energy

  • Each building and dwelling to have their own solar

  • Community solar farms for common use and EV charging

  • Harnessing wind and waste to energy

Waste And Water Recycling & Management

  • Best practices for waste management

  • No dumping of wet waste

  • Segregation of dry waste for recycling and other uses


Neighbourhood Designed To Promote Walking, Cycling

  • Cohesive urban design with footpaths and cycle tracks

  • Shops, markets, amenities located centrally within walking distance

  • Walk to Cafe's and Co-working spaces for leisure and work

Biophilic Design

  • Open areas which are child friendly and safe for senior citizens

  • Construction carried out without cutting existing trees

  • Parks with natural and locally available flora and fauna


Introducing Urban Agriculture With Co-Located Farms

  • Creating an innovative urban design with integrated farms

  • Buy fresh veggies and fruits everyday

  • Option to collaborate with farmers


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